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Official Dead Trigger 2 Hack – and other cheats

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This Dead Trigger 2 hack will add unlimited health, gold, ammo and unlock all weapons. Those features will be added to your account in just minutes. Updated daily.


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This hack will add unlimited health, ammo and upgrades. Also adds unlimited money.



Other Dead Trigger 2 cheats

There are multiple types of guns that can be used in the game, all of which vary in power and firing characteristics. The MP5K is your first machine gun, while your initial pistol is the CZ75. Blueprints are required to unlock the rest of them, and can be earned by defeating the miniboss zombies in each of the stages. The Ithaca is an extremely powerful shotgun, while the knife is a stronger melee weapon than the pipe wrench. The M-16 is a long range military rifle. The crossbow is very accurate but fires slowly. The dual Glock allows you to shoot twice as quickly as with the CZ, while the M1 Garand is a powerful military rifle. But those are just some tips, if you want you can use our dead trigger 2 hack.

The professional can produce the frag grenade, the growth chicken (which operates around and encourages zombies to follow this, and then blows all of them up) and the my own, which is fairly personal explanatory. Your team can only produce the actual painkillers. Using a painkiller in battle will certainly add to your health inmiscuirse, and as a bonus, it is going to stop time for regarding 2 seconds, enabling you extra freedom to operate and/or attack. The actual smuggler allows you to purchase in-app purchases utilizing gold coins.

5)Take benefit of the gas barrels to kill employers easily. Those are simply some dead trigger 2 cheats
Minibosses such as Scienfist, Loco and Vomitron can be hugely difficult to kill without needing a ton of painkillers. To really make it easy, though, look for a red gasoline clip or barrel and stand in a point where the clip or barrel is between them and you also. But our dead trigger 2 hack will add limitless health and other features. When they get near the barrel, shoot the barrel until it blows up, and it will drain most of their health. Plus, it will make short work of any nearby zombies as well.

4) Do the little things to earn more cash. Some other dead trigger 2 cheat:
Use melee weapons to kill zombies for cash bonuses. Butcher them, or cut off a head, an arm or a leg for extra bonuses. Repair barricades that have been torn down for extra bonuses, as well. Find the piggy banks in each stage, and then shoot them to earn a nice sizeable cash bonus.

dead trigger 2 hack pits you against massive hordes of zombies, and while most of them are fairly easy kills, the minibosses can be an absolute pain. There’s nothing worse than being right at the end of a stage and having Kamikaze kill you in one single hit, or Scienfist’s radiation rapidly deteriorating your health, or having Vomitron blind you before being killed by zombies that you can’t see. Killing them gives nice bonuses, though, such as large quantities of cash, or new blueprint parts. Read on to find out how to kill all three of the minibosses with ease!

The first and most important strategy is to avoid what they are throwing at you. The easiest one is Kamikaze, because he has no long-range attacks. Forget about the melee weapon; stand back, shoot, and back up or move sideways as you shoot him. Make sure to remain back when he’s going to die, though, simply because when he dies, their explosion will do severe damage to you. Fortunately, though, it will eliminate every nearby revenant, so wait until they have a crowd around your pet if you can. Check over for working dead trigger 2 hack.